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The love of photography has always been in my heart. Not only the photos I take, but in photography as a whole. It's a beautiful expression of art that allows each artist to showcase the world in their own style. The diversity in photography is one of my favorite things about this art form. 

Photography started as a hobby for me, taking pictures of my three wonderful children. It stirred a new passion in my life, capturing their accomplishments, growth, and all the things in between. With the urging from close friends to share my talent with others, I took the leap and turned my photography from hobby to career. These days, I rarely go anywhere without my camera.

I currently offer some studio sessions but mostly on-site sessions in the place of your choosing. My photography menu includes engagements, family, children, holiday mini' sessions and events. I offer my services at affordable prices and promise your session will always be fun!
Thank you for stopping by to learn more about Three B Photography (And in case you're wondering, the three Bs are my wonderful children!).